Mussels and Taiwan Dayuling

Mussels take 2. Mussels and China Tai Ping Hou Kui were a good combination. Today we paired them with a Taiwan Dayuling spring harvest. Maybe an even better combination. 110 ml of boiling water, 8 grams of tea and a 30-30-50-60-70 second steep

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Gerelateerde pairings

Pasta Puttanesca and Gyokuro

One of my favourite dishes. Pasta Puttanesca. (Don’t translate). Pasta and seafood. Nice and spicy. Not easy to find the perfect partner. A shockbrew Gyokuro did a great job! 8 grams of tea, 250 ml of 60 centigrade water, shock over 250 grams of ice. Just perfect. Umami all over!

Coquilles and China An Ji Bai Cha

Coquilles and a China An Ji Bai Cha. Normally I pair the coquilles with a Japanese green tea but this is also a great combination! 8 grams on 110 ml. 70 centigrade water. Sweet and savoury aroma’s enhanced in the coquille, roasted aroma’s in the green tea.

Sushi and Japan Houjicha

My lunch today. Sushi and Japan Houjicha. Nothing fancy, just a teabag but a great combination.

Plaice, a fresh salad and Japan Gyokuro

Plaice and a fresh salad. Beautiful paired with a Japan Gyokuro. 7 grams of tea in a Kyusu, 60 degrees Celsius water and 45 seconds steep. Umami and fish. So good!

Mussels and China Tai Ping Hou Kui

Mussels and China Tai Ping Hou Kui. 8 grams on 110 ml of 85 centigrade water for 30-45-50-60-60 seconds.

Sashimi and Genmaicha

Sashimi and Genmaicha. Obvious but so good!