Coquilles and China An Ji Bai Cha

Coquilles and a China An Ji Bai Cha. Normally I pair the coquilles with a Japanese green tea but this is also a great combination! 8 grams on 110 ml. 70 centigrade water. Sweet and savoury aroma’s enhanced in the coquille, roasted aroma’s in the green tea.

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Sushi and Japan Houjicha

My lunch today. Sushi and Japan Houjicha. Nothing fancy, just a teabag but a great combination.

Mussels and Taiwan Dayuling

Mussels take 2. Mussels and China Tai Ping Hou Kui were a good combination. Today we paired them with a Taiwan Dayuling spring harvest. Maybe an even better combination. 110 ml of boiling water, 8 grams of tea and a 30-30-50-60-70 second steep

Sashimi and Genmaicha

Sashimi and Genmaicha. Obvious but so good!

Plaice, a fresh salad and Japan Gyokuro

Plaice and a fresh salad. Beautiful paired with a Japan Gyokuro. 7 grams of tea in a Kyusu, 60 degrees Celsius water and 45 seconds steep. Umami and fish. So good!

Mussels and China Tai Ping Hou Kui

Mussels and China Tai Ping Hou Kui. 8 grams on 110 ml of 85 centigrade water for 30-45-50-60-60 seconds.

Pasta Puttanesca and Gyokuro

One of my favourite dishes. Pasta Puttanesca. (Don’t translate). Pasta and seafood. Nice and spicy. Not easy to find the perfect partner. A shockbrew Gyokuro did a great job! 8 grams of tea, 250 ml of 60 centigrade water, shock over 250 grams of ice. Just perfect. Umami all over!

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