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Masterclass Japanse Tea Ceremony: The Way of Tea


Chado – Urasenke

This is the introductory course for those who would like to learn procedures for making Macha tea as well as how to integrate the spirit of tea into their studies and daily lives.

Attire: Casual Western clothes. Kimono is not required for the class, but participants need to bring an extra pair of socks (preferably white) or tabi to change into once they arrive in class.
Required items such as Fukusa set can be lend or purchased from the teacher during the basic course.

Introductory Course
For all who are interested in joining Chado introductory sessions, you can sign up. The course will held at the tea house in Twello (near Deventer) and taught according to traditional Japanese teaching style.

During the introductory course you will learn:
1. Warigeiko is the practice of breaking down the series of actions necessary for the tea ceremony into smaller pieces and practicing the basic movements one by one.
When you start practicing the tea ceremony, you will start with warigeiko as a basic lesson.

2. Bonryaku Temae:
Bonryaku Temae is the serving of thin tea using a tray. This is one of the first procedures that a student in Urasenke learns.
Please see the video’s 1 and 2. All students are able to learn making of thin tea using a tray.

The maximum number of students is 5.
This course will held in English, but the instructor understands Dutch.

Shinobu Yaima

Masterclass Japanse Tea Ceremony - The Way of Tea

About Shinobu Yaima
Shinobu was born in Tokyo, Japan. She has been studying Chodo, the “way of tea” for more than 10 years. She first started practicing the “way of tea” with Shin Sofu sensei in Canada, who is a direct student of SEN Genshitsu Daishosho (Soshitsu XV). After returning to the Netherlands in 2022 she started teaching the “way of tea” at her home in Twello and continue practicing with her teacher in Japan in order to enhance her skill and knowledge.

Her passion is not only learning and teaching the “way of Tea” but also meeting new people through the “way of tea”. She is excited to meet new people through International Tea and Coffee Academy.

Date and time
This course consists of three Saturdays:
1. August 31 2024: 9:30-12:00pm – 2.5 hours
2. September 7 2024: 9:30-12:00pm – 2.5 hours
3. September 28 2024: 10:00-15:00pm – 5 hours

In order to complete the introduction course, attendance on all three days is required.

The course will held at the tea house in Twello.
€ 157,00 excl. btw (€ 189,97 incl. btw) in total for all three sessions.

During the first two sessions Match and Japanese sweets will be served. During the last session a small lunch, Match and Japanese sweets will be served.

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