Course Sustainability Foundation


At the Foundation Level, you will be exposed to sustainability terminology, a brief history of sustainability projects in coffee, and key sustainability challenges across the value chain. You will begin to understand the trade-offs and complexities of different approaches and access some of the tools that exist to address a variety of challenges.

One day. We start at 10 am, we finish at 17 pm.
Preliminary training
If this is your first coffee training, Green Coffee Foundation is recommended (but not mandatory).
  • Training: € 277,00 excl. VAT (€ 335,17 incl. VAT) (including training materials and lunch)
  • SCA exam (optional): € 130,00 excl. VAT (€ 157,30 incl. VAT)
Training materials
No additional training materials are required for this training.
For whom?
Designed for people at all points in the coffee chain.
At the end of the day we evaluate your knowledge and skills. Have you successfully completed the day and do you also want to obtain the SCA certificate? Then you can take the SCA theory exam at home after the day’s training. With the knowledge you gained during the course day, you will be able to pass the theory exam.
Read our Dutch SCA page for more information.
Specialty Coffee Association (SCA)
The Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) has created the Coffee Skills Program. This program consists of five different modules: Barista Skills, Brewing, Green Coffee, Sensory Skills and Roasting. Each module is offered at three levels: foundation, intermediate and professional. All modules are concluded with a practical and theoretical exam. On successful completion of a module an internationally accepted certificate can be requested. For more information about the certification system, please visit the SCA website.
You will learn…

  • Why sustainability is a different kind of challenge than others in coffee, but not an impossible one
  • Ideas on where you might start with sustainability in your own organizations.
  • Articulate broad sustainability challenges at different points in the value chain
  • Discuss different possibilities for future sustainable practices at various levels of the coffee chain
  • Explain trade-offs of different sustainability projects
Further training
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