About ITC Academy

What once started as a hobby in the attic has grown into a real academy. Richard Schukkink, the founder, has tea and coffee flowing through his veins. As a child, he brought special teas from his holiday destinations. The love for coffee started early as well. In the early nineties, he bought a Kees van der Westen espresso machine for private use. Combine a traveling virus with an unlimited curiosity about everything regarding coffee and tea, and you get – we dare say so – the most passionate and knowledgable man in this field.

Top trainers

Because Richard can not give all the training and courses himself – although he would prefer to do so – he has trained a number of fellow fanatics. Our trainers get all the knowledge from the first hand and join on tea and coffee trips. Naturally, every trainer receives training in teaching.

Learning by doing

Courses switch frequently between theory and its practical application. We make, smell and taste lots of tea and coffee. Applying your newly acquired knowledge guarantees the things you learn will last. It is a crucial part of our accreditation as an SVH-recognized academy.

World travelers

We are always searching for knowledge to share. That’s why frequently visit the countries of origin. It keeps our experience up-to-date. Would you like to visit coffee and tea plantations yourself? You can! Join us and learn and help on location. Every year we make trips to tea and coffee producing countries.


As an independent knowledge institute, we also advise companies that are active in the coffee and tea market. Our services are broad; from adjusting coffee machines for Philips and Lidl to training staff at Nestlé, Simon Lévelt and Bagels & Beans. Click here to read more about our activities in the industry.


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