Choosing courses offered by ITC Academy

We understand that it is difficult to choose, there are so many courses on the internet. Below we’ve collected many reasons why we think you have come to the right place.

SVH erkende opleidingen
Experience We have had the honor to teach thousands of students.
Independent We are not affiliated with commercial coffee and tea companies.
Experts We dare to call ourselves experts when it comes to coffee and tea.
Broad curriculum We offer you a broad curriculum of courses. From the foundation to the professional level.
Well rated On average, our course participants rate us with a 9,4 .
SVH accredited Only at ITC Academy you can follow SVH-accredited studies.
SCA Premier Training Campus ITC Academy has excellent training facilities and Authorized SCA Trainers.
Personal touch Students can count on a lot of personal attention.
Multiple locations Choose whether you want to follow training in Zeewolde, Amersfoort or The Hague.
Practice material included At our locations you can use all training materials and tools to practice.
From the origin Traveling to countries of origin keeps our knowledge up to date.
Travel with us Join us on coffee or tea travel to a country of origin.
Multiple machines
Each location has different machines to practice. Not just a single brand or model.