Course SCA Green Coffee Foundation

The name of the training says it all. In this SCA Foundation training we will start with the green coffee bean. We tell you everything you need to know about the green coffee bean: type, hardness, screen size, moisture content and value. You learn to use different tools for checking green coffee. We also look at the market for coffee beans, how does the black gold trade actually work? Storage and transport are part of that issue. Finally, we dive into the decaffeiniation process.

We cover a lot of theory on this day, but we also taste many different processing methods, varieties and qualities of coffee.

One day (7 hours). We start at 10 am, we finish at 5 pm.
Preliminary training
This course is designed to introduce green coffee to people who have had no previous training.
  • Training: € 297,00 excl. VAT (€ 359,37 incl. VAT) (including training materials and lunch)
  • Certificate: € 60,00 excl. VAT (€ 72,60 incl. VAT)
Training materials
No additional training materials are required for this training.
For whom?
Coffee sellers who want more insight into the product they are selling, coffee buyers, upcoming coffee roasters exploring the roasting profession. Baristas who want to understand their coffee roaster or supplier. Individuals who want to get the most out of their coffee hobby.
The exam follows immediately after the training. The exam consists of a theoretical test and a practical test. With the knowledge you gain during the course day, you are able to pass the practical exam.
Specialty Coffee Association (SCA)
The Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) has created the Coffee Skills Program. This program consists of five different modules: Barista Skills, Brewing, Green Coffee, Sensory Skills and Roasting. Each module is offered at three levels: foundation, intermediate and professional. All modules are concluded with a practical and theoretical exam. On successful completion of a module an internationally accepted certificate can be requested. For more information about the certification system, please visit the SCA website.
This course day has a broad theoretical basis. We will switch frequently to practical exercises.

You will learn…

  • how and where coffee grows;
  • in which climates coffee grows;
  • the different methods by which you remove the coffee bean from the berry;
  • the entire process that a coffee bean goes through: from bush to your coffee grinder;
  • measure the moisture content and hardness of the bean;
  • how to determine the screensize of the green coffee bean;
  • the different among the types of beans;
  • how the value of the coffee bean is determined;
  • how the coffee market works;
  • what different certificates there are;
  • on transport and storage of green coffee;
  • what decaffinization processes there are;
  • use different tools for checking green coffee.
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