Course SCA Brewing Foundation

The SCA Brewing Foundation training starts with the coffee berry and we follow the path the berry follows from bush to your coffee cup. Next we will discuss in more detail how you can turn the combination of coffeebean and water into a delicious cup of black gold. Which parameters are required for this? And which methods and tools do you use to get the best out of your coffee? We also look at fully automatic machines. How do you set it up so it produces always the same taste of coffee? You’ll learn it all.

After successfully completing this training you can apply for your international SCA Brewing Foundation certificate.

One day (7 hours). We start at 10 am, we finish at 17 pm.
Preliminary training
If this is your first coffee training, SCA Barista Skills Foundation is recommended (but not mandatory).
  • Training: € 227,00 excl. VAT (€ 274,67 incl. VAT) (including training materials and lunch)
  • Certificate: € 60,00 excl. VAT (€ 72,60 incl. VAT)
Training materials
No additional training materials are required for this training.
For whom?
Professionals working with fully automatic coffeemachines. Coffee roasters, coffee buyers, coffee sellers or barista’s. Individuals who want to gain more knowledge and skills.
The exam follows immediately after the training. The exam consists of a theoretical test and a practical test. With the knowledge you gain during the course day, you are able to pass the practical exam.
Specialty Coffee Association (SCA)
The Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) has created the Coffee Skills Program. This program consists of five different modules: Barista Skills, Brewing, Green Coffee, Sensory Skills and Roasting. Each module is offered at three levels: foundation, intermediate and professional. All modules are concluded with a practical and theoretical exam. On successful completion of a module an internationally accepted certificate can be requested. For more information about the certification system, please visit the SCA website.
You will learn…

  • how to set a fully automatic objectively to always have the same taste without tasting;
  • what influence extraction has on coffee strength;
  • what grind size does with the extraction time;
  • what influence the contact time has on the extraction;
  • the ideal water temperature for extracting aromas from coffee;
  • what different brewing methods there are;
  • know the various tools that you can use.
Further training
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