Course Latte Art

Our Latte Art Training is a hands-on training. As a barista, Latte Art plays an important role in your basic skills. Allthough the coffee might not taste any better: the eye wants something too!
Also, adding Latte Art will increase sales. Today we learn you the basics for pouring figures like an apple, heart, leaf or rosetta. Are you already more advanced? In that case we’ll give you some new challenges to work with. Our Latte Art training can also be given as team training!
3 hours
Preliminary training
This course is designed to introduce basic latte skills to people who have had no previous training.
Training: € 97,00 excl. VAT (€ 117,37 incl. VAT)
For whom?
Coffee roasters, coffee buyers, coffee sellers, baristas, individiuals who like to gain more knowledge and skills.
At the end of the day you have the following knowledge:

  • You know which milk to use and why
  • You know how to create foam in different ways
  • Free hand pouring
Further education
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