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Masterclass – Oolong Tea Taiwan – Introduction

Taiwan tea has been recorded since 17th century during the Dutch ruling period. As the history progresses, multi-cultural influence had triggered the Taiwan tea to evolve for the changing consumer taste and trading needs even today. Tang family, as one of the tea farmers with more than five decades of experience, will bring the knowledge and real-life tea growing and manufacturing experience that couldn’t be found in print. Tommy, with an engineering background, would also share the systematic analysis into the magical dynamic between sophisticated tea roasting and fermentation, multiplied by tea making process to orchestra the final taste.
De masterclass wordt gegeven op 16 november. We starten om 10.00 uur en sluiten af om 17.00 uur.

Masterclass: € 97,00 excl. btw (€ 117,37 incl. btw). Inclusief lunch.

Als je je inschrijft voor de introduction en de advanced masterclasses, dan betaal je een pakketprijs van € 367,00 excl. btw (€ 444,07 incl. btw). Meld je dan aan voor beide masterclasses, de korting wordt verrekend op de factuur.

Iedereen die het leuk vindt om meer over theeproductie in Taiwan te willen weten, te experimenteren en er meer kennis over wil krijgen.

Globale inhoud & onderwerpen van de masterclass:

  • Short History: How does Taiwan tea contrast other Asian tea history?
  • Analysis of Tea Manufacturing
  • Analysis of Tea Fragrance
  • Analysis of Tea Roasting
  • Systematic Analysis and Implementation of Fermentation and Roasting – Taiwanese Oolong Tea (Tea Tasting included)
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