In November ITC Academy organizes two master classes on Taiwan tea; Masterclass – Oolong Tea Taiwan – Introduction and Masterclass – Oolong Tea Taiwan – Advanced.

TeaTalk, over four years of conducting Oolong tea certification courses, has been systemizing the knowledge of tea growing, tea making, tea roasting and tea brewing for the younger generation to enter the tea industry.  One of the gaps that TeaTalk bridges is the systematic inter-generational passing down of tea knowledge to edify human resource and talent cultivation.  More than 100 tea houses and shops in Taiwan recognize the certificates from TeaTalk being a platform for hiring.  Those who have gone through the professional advanced certification training would be prioritized for hiring with the expectations that the systemized knowledge training builds a strong foundation for the job, in tea making and tea cupping.

With the ambitious vision of nurturing a sustainable tea eco-system in Taiwan, TeaTalk has dedicated most of its time in building the local tea production network and global tea certification presence.  Coming from a tea farming background, Tommy firmly believes that this is the best way to support his fellow tea farmers.