In November ITC Academy organizes two masterclasses on Taiwan tea; Masterclass – Oolong Tea Taiwan – Introduction and Masterclass – Oolong Tea Taiwan – Advanced. We’ll introduce the Tang family in two blog posts.

What does the tea mean to Tommy Tang?

Tommy actually owns a degree in information engineering.  But one day, he decided to spent 10 days in the mountains making tea, and it was the beginning of his journey for tea.

“As an engineer and the son of the tea farm owner, I needed to earn respect from the experts at the tea farm.  They wouldn’t accept me for my family connection.  They wouldn’t accept me for my engineering knowledge.  I had to work with them, ate the same food and slept in the same location to be part of them.  I demanded myself to be a sponge and accept every piece of information and experience from them like a blessing.  After one season of tea making, they started treating as part of the team.  Then I could bring them on board for the standardization and new experiments on the tea making.  The process was absolutely rewarding.”

Tommy showed some pictures when he was making tea.  “Looking at these pictures, it was hard to imagine that I used to be a rapper with crazy hair colour and heavy metal decorations all over me.  After I discovered my love for tea, all in my mind is how to share my passion with others and on what ground.  So, when we created the tea education program in Taiwan, it was extremely exciting moment.  Difficult to start out but now we progressed in Japan, China and a few other places.  It is always great to talk through my idea and my perspective on tea making.  Who would think of that a small tea farmer like myself could take tea to the international stage and share the excitement on other tea lovers’ faces? My favourite moment.”