In November ITC Academy organizes two master classes on Taiwan tea; Masterclass – Oolong Tea Taiwan – Introduction and Masterclass – Oolong Tea Taiwan – Advanced. We’ll introduce the Tang family in two blog posts.

Sunny grows up with Tommy but “Tea” has meant very different things to two of them.

“It wasn’t easy for me to start learning tea.  The “artistic aspect” of tea culture was incomprehensive as I came from a very logical background, a researcher in social science.  So for me, it was frustrating at first.  I felt I needed something very logical, very easy to reason with, and more clear to me the right or wrong answer to all the questions I have for tea.”

After a few years of searching the self-positioning, Sunny re-identified the passion from “teaching” tea, the knowledge and the culture.  For Sunny, working with students to exchange the knowledge, the technical aspect and the understanding of brewing a nice cup of tea has helped her to re-define herself.

“I realized on the journey of tea, it is about creation, closing the gap of difference and learn to accept and appreciate the variety.  So, when I broadened my scope of coffee skills, and other related certificates, I was able to reference different knowledge with one another.  Then I re-discovered my passion for knowledge, for teaching and for working with others.  Tea to me is all about understanding myself. More importantly, I learned from tea that my identity is about supporting others to be in the spotlight and be happy for them.”